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Apex®-IHN is a plasmid DNA-based infectious disease vaccine for use in the prevention of infectious hematopoietic necrosis virus disease in farm-raised salmon. Apex®-IHN was the first commercial DNA vaccine to achieve approval for sale and use in Canada, where it is currently marketed by Novartis Aqua Health. Apex®-IHN received licensure from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency in 2005.

Tetravalent dengue vaccine (TVDV) is a plasmid DNA-based infectious disease vaccine in clinical development in humans for the prevention of all 4 dengue virus serotypes. Vical manufactured TVDV under contract with the Naval Medical Research Center, who has conducted Phase 1 testing of this vaccine. TVDV utilizes Vical’s proprietary adjuvant formulation, Vaxfectin®, to increase immune responses.

ONCEPT® is a plasmid DNA-based cancer vaccine that was designed to extend the survival of dogs with oral melanoma. ONCEPT® was the first approved therapeutic cancer vaccine in either animals or humans.Our licensee Merial received approval by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for ONCEPT® in 2007.

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